Mwachi Mutahaba speaks about Nandy and Late father [video]

Mwachi Mutahaba in interview
Mwachi Mutahaba in interview


Bukoba: The eldest son of former director of strategy and program development at Clouds Media Group (CMG) Mwachi Mutahaba has for the first time spoken about the relationship between his late father Ruge Mutahaba and Music artist Faustina Mfinanga (Nandy).


In an interview during a mass preparation for the late Ruge, to be held on his birthday 1st May 2019, Mwachi described how he had known Nandy and the relationship she had with his late father.


“Nandy had a relationship with my father…I respected her because she was a hustler. She was dad’s lover. We respected her and she respected us… She’s mourning right now, but she had good intentions”


He went on to say the relationship was known within the family, and it was a simple matter. Nothing out of the ordinary.


The legendary media personnel’s birthday will be commemorated by a mass and a celebration of his life by both his genetic family and work family.


“We will keep doing this every year on my father’s birthday… even next year and many to come”


Mwachi also took this opportunity to thank everyone who showed support and love during the grieving time of his father’s death.


“You gave us a lot of hope. We really didn’t expect it… I thank God and all the Tanzanians, Thank you!”


Nandy gave a statement during an interview prior to her album release in Kenya saying she will be present in today’s event.


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