Mwadui FC outlines the cause of their poor league run.


Mwadui FC was promoted to the premier league 2014/15 and showed a great form then.

They managed to stay in the league for 5 consecutive seasons.

However, this season they have had their poorest performance yet, and they might be delegated.

Till now, Mwadui has collected 38 points.They are in the !9th place, the Delegation zone.

Mwadui FC’s secretary general Mr Ramadhan Kilao admitted that one of the things that let them down is the transfer is that they failed to get good players and that is why they had a poor league form.

“We made mistakes during the transfer window, we believed the players were enough to us and now it hunts us down that the squad is not competitive as we thought”

He also spoke of the on going tension between the tactical bench and the management saying it was only a misunderstanding and it was for the greater good of the team and nothing else.

Mr Ramadhan also said that some players are not paid their salaries, and the management is working hard to solve that situation before the league ends.

“It’s true some players are not paid, although its not good to mention how much it is… this does not reduce their will to fight for the club or cause bad results, we are determined to win the rest of our fixtures,”


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