Mwakalebela denied Mayanga transfer rumors


Yanga Sports Club‘s Fredrick Mwakalebela has denied that his Club hid Ndanda Football Club’s striker Vitalis Manyanga.

“For now we are busy with professional ‘foreign’ players, we already got four, and about Tanzania players comes later” said Mwakalebela.

Mayanga Had great premier league campaign with Ndanda Sports Club, he was their talisman and goal getter the whole season.

Rumor has it that Mayanga was scouted by Simba Sports Club, back in last year ‘2018/19’ but they failed to sign him because the coach was not too impressed with the young striker.
Mayanga helped Ndanda football Club in both fixture against Yanga Sports Club, as he scored in a 1-1 draw at Nangwanda Stadium, and provided marvelous assist in an away match at Uhuru stadium.

About the rumors of Mayanga signing for Yanga Sports Club, a source close to Mayanga Said:

” Things between them ‘Mayanga’ and Yanga Sports Club’ are fine, as we speak now, it’s a three day, he lives in the hotel, that Yanga Sports Club rented for him, anytime they will finalize the deal”

Vitalis Mayanga was interviewed with Radio 5, to confirm about the news and rumors, he said

“My contract with Ndanda Football Club is over, now am free player to sign for any team, I did not sign for Yanga Sports Club yet, but if they offered a good offer, sure I will sign. And about to live in the hotel, who am I, that I can not live here, you just wait if things are fine, you will know about it”.


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