Mwinyi Zahera exposes Yanga Sports Club future first eleven

Yanga Football Club logo
Yanga Football Club logo

Yanga Sports Club head coach says in his last pre-season match, he will use his future first eleven of the club.

In last matches Mwinyi was not there, so the line up were arranged by assistant managers. Yanga Sports club win by 2 goals to nil against Friends Rangers with new line up.

Mwinyi Zahera says, he has no doubts and he is satisfied by the performances of his players so far. And adds that the squad he arranges is his first choice for the premier league next season.

“We will stop training for a while my players needs to rest, am satisfied with their pre season training. This is the squad for next season, if you ask me about my first squad, this is it”.

Mwinyi Zahera explains why he uses Ally Son so as wing-back and not central back.

“People wants to know why I uses him as wing-back, I signed Him, I know he can play in different positions”.
About Kelvin Yondani not being in pre season with the team, he says, Kelvin is in leave for 19 day. When his days are over he will join the team.
Here is the future Yanga Sports Club line up in the premier league, CAF Champions League and other competitions.

  1. Klaus Kindoki
  2. Ally Ally
  3. Ally Mtoni ‘Sonso’
  4. Mustafa Seleman
  5. Lamine Moro
  6. Papy Tshishimbi
  7. Balama Mapinduzi
  8. Raphael Daud
  9. Sadney Urikhob
  10. Juma Balinya
  11. Patrick Sibomana.



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