Mzuni cry over weekend fixture


Mzuni Football Club has expressed concerns over the released TNM Super League fixtures by the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) as they are expected to travel to the central region to fulfill two fixtures against Silver Strikers on Saturday before facing Kamuzu Barracks Football Club the following day.

Speaking in an interview general secretary for the club Donex Chilonga said it is unfair for them to return to the central region where they were last weekend and it will be hard for them to manage fixtures as they have financial problems.

“This week’s TNM Super League fixtures to play against Silver Strikers and Kamuzu Barracks will affect us negatively in a big way as we have financial problems and we rely on well wishers to help us with money and just last weekend we were in the central region again where we played against Civil Sporting Club in the Airtel top 8 match and honestly we are in a dilema as to whether we will go or not”, Chilonga said.

Chilonga also said they tried to raise the complete with SULOM but it has not been heard saying they complained late for the fixture to be revised and they have to go by the released fixtures.

“We tried to complain to SULOM that if they can give us home games this weekend so that we try to source Money from the gate collections to use in our next away fixture but they have given a deef ear to us saying we have to play in Lilongwe this weekend.

“We have to ask for well wishers to help us money for the cost of the away fixtures but it will hard as its like milking an already thin cow as they were of help to us just last week and here we are asking for some money again “, Chilonga added.

Mzuni Football Club has been facing financial problems after it parted ways with the Mzuzu University which sponsered the team after they failed to agree to the decision of the University Council that the team should only have players who are students at the institution


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