Mzuzu Central Hospital new shelter to curb the spread of COVID-19


Mzuzu Central Hospital has opened a new guardian shelter and car park as a new drive to contain further spread of the Coronavirus.

The new facility has a limited number of people gaining entry into the hospital’s mortuary, and guardians inwards.

Mzuzu Central Hospital spokesperson, Arnold Kaira told Malawi News Agency (MANA) Tuesday that with more COVID-19 cases being registered, it was necessary for the hospital to ensure that new measures are introduced and adhered to by all people.

“In ensuring that we observe the Ministry of Health specification on social distancing, we have decided to open a new car park as well as a new guardian shelter away from the initial hospital premise where all vehicles and guardians will be putting up,” said Kaira.

He added that the hospital has put in place a mechanism where everyone entering the facility is subjected to temperature tests to help medical experts trace COVID-19 suspects.

“What we are doing is that we are testing people at the entry so if one is certified fit, he or she is given a card to enter the hospital, but if we find out that one needs further tests, we further question them a few things.

“From such investigations, it’s easy for us to seriously suspect such people to have the virus and we initially subject them to the COVID-19 tests.

“All this is done to prevent people from contracting as well as spreading the virus,” he said.

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