Namungo Football Club knows everything about my players


Mohammed Ibrahim and Paul Bukaba’s manager stood up for his clients and said that their current club, Namungo Football Club knows everything why they are not attending the team’s training sessions.

“As you know players have been out of the league for the break since February 2020 due to corona outbreak. They were supposed to arrive at the club earlier unfortunately they couldn’t because they have financial issues since they have been home for months.

“I received a call from their head coach saying they did not show up for the reporting and training. As their manager I asked them and they told me they couldn’t travel due to financial problems they had, as they haven’t been paid salaries since February 2020,” says Mohamed Ibrahim and Paul Bukaba manager.

Namungo Football Club earlier this June announced that they will no longer be using Mohammed Ibrahim and Paul Bukaba after their loan spell ends.


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