Namungo Football Club to give Simba Sports Club guard of honour


Namungo Football Club next home fixture will be against the Vodacom Premier League champions, Simba Sports Club and thus they will have to give the champions the guard of honour before the kickoff.

Simba Sports Club will play their last six matches without any pressure as they have already defended their title of the league, after winning it in an away fixture at Sokoine Stadium, when facing Tanzania Prisons Football Club.

Namungo Football Club with wonderful debut season into Vodacom Premier League, they are still looking for three points in all their remaining matches. Thus hosting the champions Simba Sports Club will not be an easy task for them.

Tanzania Premier League Board has arranged and announced that on July 8th, 2020 the ceremony of handing the trophy to the champions Simba Sports Club after their match against Namungo Football Club.

“After Simba Sports Club won the title of this season 2019/20, Tanzania Premier League Board would like to announce that the ceremony of handling their title will take place in Ruangwa, Lindi on July 8th,2020”. Says the announcement released by Tanzania Premier League Board.


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