Namungo Football Club to keep rewriting their fate


Namungo Football Club continue to write their impressive season debut in Tanzanian football following their successful season in the Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20.

Namungo Football Club is among the clubs that is hoping to finish in the top five clubs in the Vodacom Premier League standings along side Azam Football Club, Yanga Sports Club, and Coastal Union.

Following their qualification into the Azam Sports Federation Cup final where they face Vodacom Premier League Champions Simba Sports Club.

Namungo Football Club will represent the country in the CAF Confederation Cup in 2020/21 season along side Simba Sports Club.

Namungo Football Club will write their history as it is the first time for them to play in CAF Competitions in their first ever Vodacom Premier League season debut.

Qualifying into the final of Azam Sports Federation Cup Namungo Football Club is directly qualify for the CAF Competitions regardless of the final results of Azam Sports Federation Cup.

Thus next season Tanzanian football will be represented by two clubs in the CAF Competitions, Namungo Football Club and Simba Sports Club.


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