Namungo Football Club to rebuild their squad next season.


The newly promoted side in the Vodacom Premier League season 2019/2020 Namungo Football Club will have to rebuild their squad next season and have a competitive team again, due to the fact that most of their players will depart from the club.

Namungo Football Club has been brilliant from the start of the season until now, as they hold 4th place in the league standings over long periods.

The successful campaign is contributed by three top players who have been in great form this season, two strikers Reliant Lusajo and Bigirimana Blaise, and the playmaker Lucas Kikoti.

Lucas Kikoti scored fours goals, Bigirimana Blaise scored 10 goals and Reliant Lusajo scored 11 goals, they have contributed 25 goals collectively into 36 goals scored by Namungo Football Club this season.

Transfer rumours link the three top players into three Vodacom Premier League top clubs of Simba Sports Club, Yanga Sports Club and Azam Football Club.

Hitimana Thierry refuses to confirm any rumours saying he knows his players are working hard this season for the team to perform as well as it is now.

“All of my players are committed to this club and they’re working as hard as they have to do. I know they might leave the club but I’m not in a position to talk about it because the league is still going on and the transfer window is yet to be opened,” says Hitimana Thierry

Lucas Kikoti is linked with a move to Azam Football Club and Simba Sports Club while Bigirimana Blaise and Reliant Lusajo are linked with Yanga Sports Club.


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