Namungo Football Club to release four player


Namungo Football Club listed four players that will be dropped in the December transfer window. Namungo Football Club was promoted into Vodacom Premier League together with Polisi Tanzania.

The Chairman of the football club Mr Hassan Zidadu says two of them are Tanzania players and two are foreigners. The players are Sina Jerome from Congo DRC, Toure Leopard from Ivory Coast and two Tanzania, Omary Mponda and Ali Babjey.

“Every player was told to make sure they perform well in the squad. Unfortunately those players did not work hard for the club, so we let them go.”

“There is no debt from any player, we all agreed to the clubs decisions. We wish them all the best, and hopefully, their departure will open doors for other players,” says Mr Zidadu.

He further adds that the manager Mr Hitimana Thierry asks for additional players to fill the gaps.

Namungo Football Club will face Green Warriors in Azam Sports Federation Cup, December 22.

Green Warriors have a strong record as they knocked out Simba Sports Club in 2017/18 season.


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