Nandy explains her love life with Billnass

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The African Princess mostly know as Nandy has recently explained the rumors about her love life with Billnass.

Nandy and Billnass dates for almost a year or two then broke up over their leaked nude video. The two now have a duet know as, ‘Bugana’, produced by S2kizzy.

Nandy faces the question during her late interview at Clouds FM in XXL program, and she says;

“ We dated for a short time, but bad memories were a lot. I think it is because when we were dating, we were doing a lot at once. I loved him, I was open to him, saying if I have it or not. I was jealous and he (Billnass) was still an University student, and he likes his friends. His time to me were limited and that was our biggest fight every day”.

This is the first time Nandy ever speak about her relationship with Billnass.


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