Ndanda Football Club continue with poor running form


Ndanda Football Club is still struggling to step out of their poor running form. They currently accepted the defeat from Simba Sports Club by two goals to nil.


Ndanda Football Club remains at 19th place in the league standings with 8 points from 14 matches.


Simba Sports Club still remains at the top of the Vodacom Premier League with 13 matches and 34 points. This makes it 10 points clear ahead of Yanga Sports Club in 2nd place with two matches in hand.

Yanga Sports Club is above Kagera Sugar in goal differences as both have 24 points.


Meanwhile KMC manages to secure a single point following their defeat from Simba Sports Club.


KMC pick up one point from Mwadui Football Club in another Vodacom Premier League fixture.


As it stands KMC is at 17th place in the league standings with 10 points ahead of Mbeya City.


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