No CAF a course this year in Malawi


Mzuzu, Northern Region Football Coaches Committee (NRFCC) says there will not be CAF A course in Malawi this year because there are a few CAF B coaches in the country.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency, NRFCC General Secretary, Christopher Nyambose said there were only eight CAF B coaches in Malawi and that it would be costly for them to pay for the CAF A course.

He said the committee therefore found it wise to wait to allow for more trainees to come in for the tutoring costs to be minimal.

“CAF courses are expensive to conduct because the instructors are always from FIFA hence a group of only eight coaches cannot manage to pay the fees for the course to be conducted.

“However, if the training can wait for the 106 CAF C at present to graduate to CAF B coaches, then together they will be 114 which means they could share the costs of the CAF A license at an affordable rate,” he explained.

Nyambose further said that CAF A courses are very significant to the development of football in Malawi which is why the training is just postponed to a later date and not being completely cancelled.

“Coaches that go through a CAF A course are very important to the development of football because through this course coaches attain knowledge of football tactics, techniques and physical aspects of football from FIFA professionals,” he said.

According to coaches’ data in Malawi, there are 52 CAF A coaches and late Jack Chamangwana was the 53rd. Besides, the country has eighty CAF B coaches and 106 CAF C coaches while others are  FAM C couches.

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