No more “connections”


Following a recent scandal at the Institute of Finance and Management (IFM) where female student’s videos portraying nudity and pornographic visuals had circulated, the law community has warned the Tanzanian community of the possible effects the viewers may come across.

Attorney Hamza Jabir speculates on the matter urging Tanzanians not to, or to stop circulating the videos of the young girl for it could land an unsuspecting sharer 7 years in jail.

“According to the cybercrime act of 2015, circulating pornography of any kind can land you 7 years in prison or a 20 million shillings fine, or both…” Hamza Jabir

This is a wakeup call resulting from the recent slang “connection” in many social networks in Tanzania especially WhatsApp that is hidden code for leaked pornographic videos or pictures. Many people had been using this term when asking to be sent to the girl’s nude videos.