No more use of polythene bags in Tanzania

polythene bag
polythene bag

On 31st may 2019 Tanzania reached it’s deadline as a nation for the use of polythene bags. Since 1st June, it has been illegal to use polythene bags at home and in public.

This has been indicated by the citizens’ response in surrendering their bags to different leaders’ offices.

The National Environment Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC) has confirmed submission of more than 200 tonnes in Dar es Salaam.

The Council has also clarified that the other plastic materials which have not been banned will still be used and produced in the Country.

This has been explained by the environmental inspector of NEMC Lilian Kapakala during the meeting of the launch of the environmental week at Ubungo district council in Dar es Salaam.

The meeting went hand in hand with education to the citizens on the restrictions of the polythene bags.

“There is a great positive response of the people in surrendering the polythene bags…more than 200 tonnes has already been submitted in Dar es Salaam,” she added.


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