Nomads engage former administrators


Be Forward Wanderers football club has engaged it’s former administrative members to help with ways on how to generate more money aside from the sponsorship package they receive to run the daily duties of the club.

The nomads receive sponsorship from a Japanese second hand car selling dealer Be Forward with the money only enough to pay players and officials salaries which over the long run leads the club into debt while managing other expenses.

Humphreys Mvula who held various positions at Wanderers between 1978 and 2006 has commended the current Wanderers leadership for the decision made which can reduce the financial problems the team has faced over the years.

“I commend the decision taken by the current Wanderers leadership to engage us former administrators of the club so that we sit down and help each other on how we can find ways to bring more money to the club apart from the sponsorship money we get from Be Forward.

“Among other ways we have our club house which we can use to generate revenue by letting it open to all to use it for different functions and pay the club and not just using it as a bar. We can also takeover the business of selling all Wanderers branded materials which is done by anyone at the moment which can also bring some revenue to the club”, Mvula said.

Wanderers players have been receiving half of their normal salaries since March this year due to COVID-19 which has led their sponsors Be Forward to reduce their sponsorship package due to the downside of their second hand car selling business which might see the Nomads ending up with more debts if they don’t find other means of making money.

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