North Korea’s president whereabouts raises questions


The North Korean President Jong Un has been reported to be rarely seen in the public for the last two months. It is now about three weeks without any media’s report about Kim’s whereabouts nor events concerning him.

A time like this in the year 2019, Jong Un was seen 27 times in the public. Seen in the public few times this year has raised many questions from many parts of the world.

Despite the world’s concern, Kim’s neighbour, South Korea says the possibilities that the man is taking precautionary measure against corona virus by avoiding gatherings in the public. Nevertheless, North Korea has not yet reported any COVID-19 case.

North Korea is believed to be one of the most secretive nations in the world, which does not like to keep its stuff in the public until it decide itself to do so.

This tendency has led the world to raise concerns about Kim’s whereabouts because the nations has not said anything about the secretive man.


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