Nutrition for Brain strength in children


Despite the fact that Tanzania is self satisfactory in food, it is revealed that 34% of children are mind stunned in class with a low ability to gain knowledge.

According to nutrition specialists, stunning is suffering from kwashiokor causes by lack of nutrition hence affecting the brain in studies.

“Sometimes a teacher can be colliding with a pupil due to misunderstanding, thinking that the pupil is lazy while not the case,” Professor David Nyange from Aspires Sector said.

Prof Nyange said that for 13 years now Tanzania has been in good position in satisfying herself with food but many children do not get the balanced diet.

“If a child doesn’t get a balanced diet then they won’t grow psychologically fit,” he added.

It is said that when a child’s brain stuns, the child must drop in academic performances.

A specialist in nutrition said that the human brain is developed in the first 1,000 days after birth. It’s parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to ensure proper nutrition for their babies to facilitate this process.

With reference to the World’s Health Committee book of 2015, if a baby gets brain stunned, it will remain so the rest of their lives.


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