On this day: 17 May 2019

On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world
On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world

Check out what happened in history on this day, who was born and much more!


1994 ( MALAWI) – free and fair national elections were held under a provisional constitution, which took full effect the following year. Bakili Muluzi, leader of the United Democratic Front (UDF), was elected President. The UDF won 82 of the 177 seats in the National Assembly and formed a coalition government with the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD).

1994 – On 14 June 1993, the people of Malawi voted overwhelmingly in favour of multi-party democracy. Free and fair national elections were held on 17 May 1994 under a provisional constitution, which took full effect the following year.

1994 –   Bakili Muluzi’s UDF wins Malawi presidents/parliamentary election


1997 –   The First Congo War, involving several neighboring countries, has been raging for several months. The Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo (AFDL), backed by Rwandan and Ugandan forces, takes the capital of Kinshasa. AFDL leader Laurent-Désiré Kabila proclaims himself president. Zaire once more becomes the Democratic Republic of Congo. Exiled in Morocco, Mobutu dies a few months later from cancer. One year later, the Second Congo War breaks out, engulfing nine countries and thirty different armed groups.

1996  –  Hutu gunmen attacked 800 Zairian Tutsis who had taken refuge in a church. They killed at least 12 and left 130 missing. Hutu refugees from Rwanda have been conducting a campaign to drive out other ethnic groups in eastern Zaire.

1997 –  in Zaire rebel forces entered Kinshasa and Laurent Kabila declared himself president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kabila requested Swiss authorities to block Mobuto Sese Seko’s access to his Swiss villa. The house was seized and searched and documents were found that related to his wealth. The seizure was declared legal Aug 7.

1999  –  Ernest Wamba dia Wamba was ousted as the rebel leader of the Congolese Democratic Coalition


1987 –.  In the Persian Gulf the American guided missile frigate USS Stark is struck by 2 Exocet missiles fired by an Iraqi aircraft; only one detonates, but 37 sailors are killed and 21 are wounded. Whether the launch was deliberate or a mistake is still debated.

1940 – Germany occupies Brussels, Belgium and begins the invasion of France.

1863 – Union General Ulysses Grant continues his push towards Vicksburg at the Battle of the Big Black River Bridge.


1836 – Joseph Norman Locker, British astronomer and discoverer of helium.

1866 – Erik Alfred Leslie Satie, French composer.

1900 – Ayatollah Ruhollah khomei, Iranian religious leader.


1992 – Emiel Burrows


-World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

-World Hypertension Day


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