On this day 3 April in Malawi’s history, world history and which celebrities were born today

On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world
On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world

Check out what happened in history on this day, who was born and much more!

2009(Malawi) –  A Malawi judge rejected Madonna’s request to adopt a second child from Malawi even though the country’s child welfare minister had supported Madonna’s application to raise the 3-year-old girl.
2003(DRC) – In northeastern Congo 966 people were killed in attacks by armed militants on villages in Ituri province. UN investigators later discovered some 20 mass graves in the region.

0628 –  In Persia, Kavadh Sue’s for peace with the Byzantines.
1942 – The Japanese begin their all- out assault on the U.S. and Filipino troops at Bataan.
1966 – Three-thousand South Vietnamese Army troops lead a protest against the Ky regime in Saigon.

1783 – Washington Irving, American ( The Legend of sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle).
1822 – Edward Everett Hale, American clergyman and author.
1823 – William Mecy Boss, Tweed, New York City Political boss.

1985 – Atif Qureshi Bashir is a ex-professional football player, whose career came to an end due to extensive knee injuries over the past three years. His latest club football was with Dinas Powys and at international level for the Pakistan national team.


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