Opposition leader’s body to be buried after two years of his death


The body of the former Prime Minister and the opposition leader from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Etienne Tshisekedi burried on 30th June 2019 arrived in Kinshasa\

The body has been in Belgium since his death, two years ago.

Tshisekedi died in February 2017 at 84 years and was an opposition party leader for several decades in Congo before his death.

His followers said that the then government opponent, was a great threat to the former president, Joseph Kabila so that was the reason as to why his body was preserved in the foreign nation.

The return of his body is a fulfilment of some the current President promises to the Congoleses who is his son Felix Tshisekedi whom unexpectedly became the President early this year.

Thousands of citizens turned up for the late’s last respect at one of the sports grounds in Kinshasa Congo. His burial that took place on 1st, June 2019 was also attended by leaders from six African countries


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