Over a million COVID-19 cases and thousands of deaths



The tally today April 6, shows America leading with the highest number of cases of up to 336,948; Spain ranked second with 131,646; Italy third with 128, 948 cases; Germany with 100,123 cases; France with 92,839 cases; as China’s infections reduced with 81,708. That closes the top 6 of most affected countries.


Italy is still in the lead with the number of deaths reported being 15,887; Spain second with 12,641; United States of America third with 9,616; France with 8,078; the United Kingdom with 5,373; Iran with 3,603 and China still close the top seven list of the highest number of deaths with 3,331.

Total overall Tally

The total overall tally globally indicates 1,273,726 cases with 69,458 deaths and 264,840 recoveries.


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