Owen Chaima refuses to play in the First Division League


Singida United Goalkeeper number one says he is not ready to play in the First Division League following his club relegation.

Chaimba admits that because he still has the quality to play in the Vodacom Premier League so he will not go down with the club once the season ends.

Owen Chaima who played for Mbeya City in recent seasons before joining the struggling Singida United says he does not have any contract with the club thus his future is uncertain.

“I have the potential and ability and that is too obvious because football fans know me and my records at my former club. At Mbeya City I have the most clean sheets than here at Singida United, because things are not working well.

“Preparations matters the most in the Vodacom Premier League, there are some matches we conceded and more goals for poor defense.

It hurts and that’s why I don’t want to go into the First Division League, if I’ll get another club in Premier League I believe I’ll have the best season,” says Owen Chaima Singida United Goalkeeper.


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