Papy Tshishimbi turns down 60 million Tanzanian Shillings


Yanga Sports Club through their main transfer sponsors GSM witnesses their 60 million Tanzanian Shillings offer turned down by their captain Papy Tshishimbi.

Yanga Sports Club has offered that amount of money to Papy Tshishimbi in order to convince him to sign a new contract of 2 years with the club as his earlier contract came to an end.

There have been rumours over social media and media that the holding midfielder has turned down the offer because he asked for 80 million Tanzanian Shillings instead of 60 million.

Papy Tshishimbi is among the players that might depart Yanga Sports Club at the end of the season because of his contract, other players are Issa Mohammed ‘Banka’, Jaffary Mohammed, Said Makapu, Juma Abdul, David Molinga and Mrisho Ngasa.

A source close to Papy Tshishimbi says he refused to extend the contract because of the amount of money offered and he also refused to talk about it further.


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