Papy Tshishimbi wishes to play with Jonas Mkude.


Congolese holding midfielder mentioned the Tanzanian midfielder, Jonas Mkude as his favourite midfielder and he wishes to play alongside him one day. Papy Tshishimbi says he wishes to play with Simba Sports Club midfielder at the club regardless in which club it will be.

He further added that, if Simba Sports Club or any club wants his services he can leave Yanga Sports Club because he is a professional player and football is his job.

“I am looking for money, any club that wants me, as long as they have decent money, I’ll join them, if it is Simba Sports Club or any club. I am a professional player, I am looking for success, and money as well as reaching far career-wise even Europe. I have the family to look out for, so I’ll play anywhere as long as my demands are well served”.

“Also Jonas Mkude is one of the great players in Vodacom Premier League at his role, and he knows that I admire him, and he knows that I wish to play with him. Even he also says he wishes to play alongside me one day in the same squad”.

In the other side of the story, Papy Kabamba Tshishimbi says Yanga Sports Club have not offered him a contract extension yet. He says now he is left with only four months in his current contract thus he is open to negotiations with any potential club.


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