Parents arrested for an illegal wedding


The police service in Shinyanga is holding in custody 4 people for the case of trying to marry off a 12-year-old girl student.

Speaking to the press, the chief of police of Shinyanga Deborah Magiligimba said that after receiving information of an ongoing wedding, the police stormed the event and arrested the 4 people in including the parents of the girl.

“The wedding of the fifth grader was held at the home of the girl. The people in custody are Geni Bundala, Jumanne Shingimahi and Hawa Ramadhani. The groom who was to marry the minor is Khalifa Japhari (23). The police are still searching for him…” Magiligimba.

According to Magiligimba, the bride price was 4 cows and 600,000 Tanzanian shillings. The girl who was to be married is now at a children’s center special for early marriage victims.