Patrick Aussems Hits out why he left Mzamiru and Miraji

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

Simba Sports Club head coach Patrick Aussems makes it clear on the previous absence of Mzamiru and Miraji in their Vodacom premier league fixture.

The inform players Mzamiru Yassin And Miraji Athuman were not featured in the goalless fixture against Tanzania Prisons.

Fans and Sports pundits start to question Simba Sports Club Head coach decisions after the match. As he featured Jonas Mkude and Deo Kanda instead of Miraji and Mzamiru.

Patrick Aussems did respond to the fans questions and doubts upon his squad selection, saying,

” Fans are talking without knowing my reasons, we still have a lot to play for. The players they mention ( Miraji Athuman and Mzamiru Yassin) , they will be playing a lot more this season. On top of that Miraji is in injury recovery, just like Bocco and Da Silva”.

“I pick players basing on their efforts in training. We did not get three points , we still have time to work on that.

Mzamiru  did not play because Jonas Mkude is back , and we give him a break as he played almost all fixtures”.

Aussems adds that he give his players two days for break. And they will camp again for the coming Premier League fixtures resumes in November 24.


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