Police in Tanzania arrests a student for cutting his teacher with a knife


Police in Mara region is holding a form three student Mwita Juma who cut his teacher with a panga.

The student from Kiagata secondary school in Butiana was required to go home after he was caught sneaking out from school.

The other boys who were with him accepted to leave and to call their parents except for Mwita who defied and became violent.

Instead, the suspect took a panga and went to ambush the teacher, Mr Majogoro John in class who had sent them home and cut him on the shoulder.

“He put his hand in the pocket and removed a ‘panga’ and cut me on my shoulder. He ran after me and threatened to cut me and I used my hand to prevent the panga from reaching me,” said Mr John.

The students who were nearby escaped through the window screaming for help.

John was rushed to a hospital in Mara to receive treatment while the boy was arrested for further investigation.