Polisi Tanzania faces financial problems.


The newly-promoted club in the Vodacom Premier League this season 2019/20, Polisi Tanzania is struggling with some financial problems. After having an impressive run in their debut season as they managed to be among the competitive clubs in the division.

Polisi Tanzania was in the top 10 clubs in the league standings, as they are in 6th place after 29 matches. With 45 points, just a single point behind Coastal Union at 5th place, and above JKT Tanzania at 7th place.

As the was speaking to Azam Sports channel, Mr Robert Munis, Polisi Tanzania Vice Chairman says they are facing some financial problems after the long break. Mr Munis says because the league is postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak they are now running into financial situations.

He says the situation is tough as they have few sponsorships and inadequate gate collections make it difficult to run the club as they still have to pay salaries to the players and staff members.


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