Polisi Tanzania head coach in Simba Sport Club targets


New Vodacom Premier League, Polisi Tanzania may lose their head coach Suleiman Matola to Simba Sports Club.

Suleiman Matola has great records against top teams since he was coaching Lipuli Football Club.

Last season he managed to knockout Yanga Sports Club in Azam Sports Confederation Cup quarters finals. In Vodacom Premier League fixture this season he managed to secure three goals against Yanga Sports Club.

Simba Sports Club may opt to hire Suleiman Matola as the Patrick Aussems replacement.

Meanwhile, Assistance chairman of Polisi Tanzania says it is great news for their team and their manager.

“We still have contact with Matola, if another team wants him it is okay. He must consider the contract agreements, then he can do whatever he wishes.”

“When a coach is performing well, he opens his doors. We can not stop him. We do not have an official offer so far, it is just rumours.”


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