President Kenyatta unfolds measures to boost Kenya’s economy


Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta has today, May 23 unveiled measures worth Sh53.7 billion that will ensure survival of Kenya’s economy through various businesses.

Kenyatta said that infrastructure spending is set to be ramped up so as to stimulate and support micro and small business enterprises. He said that road infrastructure has been adversely affected by the ongoing rains countrywide.

“To curb this challenge, we intend to rehabilitate access roads, footbridges and other public infrastructure,” revealed Kenyatta.

In the undertaking, the president noted that the government has set aside Sh5 billion to hire local labour. President Kenyatta has also added that the government has given Sh6.5 billion to the Ministry of Education for hiring 10,000 ICT interns to help in the digital learning programme.

The government will also purchase locally manufactured vehicles worth Sh600 million with an aim of promoting car assembly firms. President went ahead stating that the government has also set aside Sh10 billion to pay an outstanding VAT refund among other pending payments to SMEs.

He announced this adding that Sh3 billion has been set aside as seed capital for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme. Health sector was not left behind as the president announced hiring of 5,000 more healthcare workers with diploma and certificate education level for one year to enhance public health system.


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