President Magufuli holds a video conference with Regional Commissioners


The president of the republic of Tanzania held a video conference with regional commissioners from their regions where they were interviewed on various issues concerning their regions among other projects.

The president conducted the meeting at the Tanzania Telecommunication company (TTCL) during the submission of the government’s share for the year 2017/2018 from TTCL.

President Magufuli began the conference with the Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Antony Mtaka followed by Songwe Regional Commissioner Rt. brigade general Nicodemus Mwangela who informed the president that the people of that region are harvesting their crops; maize, wheat, and sun flower.

The president received a cry from the Regional Commissioner at Tabora who revealed that his region has been hut by drought.

“Drought! I hope you won’t beg me for food, right?” Magufuli asked. “No!” the RC replied.”We are advising the citizens to conserve their cereals doe future use and cultivate drought resistant crops”.


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