President Mutharika, things you didn’t know – anti farting law and more!

President Mutharika with_Obamas
President Mutharika with_Obamas

By Lydia Bomani

Have you ever sat down to think about the real Peter Mutharika, our President. It is known fact that not much is known about this president. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know.

Born on July 18, 1939 in Thyolo District. Mutharika never studied in any Malawian Universities. He married late Christophine from the Caribbean, whom he had three children with: a son- Moyenda and two daughters- Mahopera and Monique; all are in America. Christophene was an ardent catholic.

A distinguished law scholar, Mutharika served as the president of International Third-World Legal Studies Association between 1986 and 1993. He helped formulate the first pro- democracy constitution for Malawi to serve as a transitional constitution from one party state to the democratic state after the referendum in 1993.

As Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Malawi introduced some very unpopular laws like repealing of section 46 to empower the Minister of Information to ban any publication that a minister may deem not to be in the public interest. It was also during this time when anti farting law was introduced in parliament. The national flag was also changed under his watch.

As Minister of Education, he saw the worst standoff between the University dons and the state which is infamously called Academic Freedom saga– which left college students in the corridors for eight months and Polytechnic students for four months. As minister of Foreign Affairs, he witnessed the worst diplomatic standoff between Britain and Malawi; as Malawi declared the then British Ambassador to Malawi, Cochraine Dyet , persona non grata for allegedly interfering with local politics.



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