President orders all COVID-19 donations to be approved by Health Ministry


President Magufuli has today, May 21 directed that any donation intended to help the country in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic should be channelled through the Ministry of Health.

He urged this after the swearing-in of the government officials in Dodoma State House. “To you Ministers, Deputy Minister and others, don’t accept equipment donated by institutions. Any donation should be received through the ministry of health,” he stressed.

He further added that there are some who may donate in the name of fighting the pandemic hence it’s profit-oriented at the expense of the victims suffering due to COVID-19. He fears that some may donate face masks with infections of the pandemic, so be warned when it comes to free offers.

“Offers are always risky. That is why I commend the Health Ministry because masks now are produced locally and the Defense Ministry is also doing a good job,” he insisted.


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