President removes Tanzania’s envoy to Kenya


The High Commissioner to Kenya Dr Pindi Chana was replaced by John Simbachawene who was sworn in by President John Magufuli yesterday May 21, 2020, at Dodoma State House.

Among the sworn in envoys was Dr Jacob Kingu for Algeria and Phaustine Kasike who is headed to Mozambique for the same role.

The appointment of Mr Simbachawene left questions regarding the fate of Dr Pindi Chana. However, President Magufuli applauded Kenya’s High Commissioner to Tanzania Dan Kazungu for the manner in which he had taken the recent border crossing issue between Tanzania and Kenya.

“I like the way Mr Kazungu reacted to champion his country’s interest. He held a press conference and reached out. This is the point and I wish he was a Tanzanian so that I could appoint him as our ambassador,” he expressed, adding that Mr Kazungu sought a quick decision by putting his country’s interests first.

However, it was not clearly known whether failure to react to the recent borders crisis was the source of Dr Chana’s removal from her posting in Nairobi Kenya.


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