The prisoners are still part of the society


Ntchisi, Paralegal Advisory Service (PASI)team leader, Alfred Manuka said prisoners just like any other human beings need to fully understand their rights.                            

At Ntchisi Prison during the commemoration of International Human Rights Day on December 3, Manuka said despite being in jail, prisoners are still part of the society and should be regarded as such.

 “We are here today at Ntchisi Prison to commemorate this day with the prisoners because when people are in prison, they think they are neglected and that they no longer have rights. We want to make them understand that as human beings, they still have their rights,” Manuka said.

During the function, PASI in partnership with the Irish Rule of Law Programme also donated items such as soap, meat and t-shirts to the prisoners. Manuka said his aim was to make the prisoners feel loved and appreciated.

Programme Lawyer of Rule of Law International, Susie Kiely said her organisation aims at supporting vulnerable persons, including prisoners and also to inform them about their rights as Malawians.

“We work hand in hand with magistrates and also the police to make sure that the rights of prisoners are observed. The government is really trying its best to make sure that everyone knows his/her right including those in prison and that those rights are not infringed with,” she said.

Station Officer for Ntchisi Prison, James Kafantandara thanked the Irish Rule of Law Programme and PASI for deciding to commemorate the day at Ntchisi Prison and commended them for the donation.

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