Proper homework needed before putting league for betting


Super league of Malawi (SULOM) has been advised to seek guidance and do proper investigations on how it is done in other countries as they consider putting the elite league on betting sites.

Last week the elite league governing body President Tiya Somba Banda announced the wish to engage talks with betting companies in the country as one way of marketing the game and sourcing revenue which has raised mixed reactions.

One of the country’s soccer analysts Andrew Ken Chilapondwa has commended the idea by SULOM but has advised the office to seek further advice on how things will be run in the league once it’s put on betting sites sighting an example of the Kenyan premier league.

“We have seen how people are busy with betting in the country these days and it is a good idea from SULOM as they consider to put the league on betting sites but they should consider seeking advice from other countries like Kenya on how they run the affairs of their league as it is on betting sites there.

“Sulom should also consider a big change in how things are done in the league administratively once the decision is agreed upon. For example, sulom should be able to release fixtures for the whole season at once to give room to the betting companies to produce codes for the games but as we know it has been difficult to release the fixtures for the whole season at once here at home,” he said.

Chilapondwa was also quick to highlight the chances of match fixing being on the high once people start betting for local games that strict measures will be needed.

“We cannot deny the fact that match fixing is done in the game of football despite it being a punishable offence once caught by FIFA. With how our super league clubs struggle to pay their players or with the little the players receive, it will be easy for them to be enticed with huge sums of money by anyone who has gone for betting. We also have referees who are important stakeholders to be taken care of as we try to avoid match fixing in our TNM super league games,” Chilapondwa said.

Winning the super league goes with pride at stake and teams use every arsenal they have to be crowned champions at the end of the season. Last year, Civil sporting club investigated it’s players for match fixing after a humiliating 6-0 loss to champions Nyasa Big Bullets.

Premier bet limited and world betting star are the two betting companies which sulom will enhance talks with as they are well known in the country.


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