RAB partner with FAM to give relief to players


Rab processors limited has partnered with football association of Malawi (FAM) to give out food items worth K120 million to 62 teams that play in the three regional leagues of the country as relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a media briefing held on Monday at Mpira village in Blantyre, FAM president Walter Nyamilandu Manda said teams will receive the package effective 1st of June for seven months with 25 players and 5 officials from each team expected to receive the K10,000 bag worth of assorted items.

The FA president said they are still looking at possible ways to help different stakeholders that depend on football as a source of income after announcing that relief money will be given to super league clubs, women’s football teams as well as elite referees and has urged some companies to emulate an example set by Rab processors limited.

“Realising that we have a lot of players that are engaged in all levels of football, we decided to take a phased approach to roll out relief support to the various leagues.

“This is the 2nd phase which is targeting the bottom tier league since we already catered for the top leagues of both males and females through the monthly stipend.

“This phased approach has largely been guided by a number of factors, among them are the ones who depend on football as a source of income, state of players in the league who are breadwinners or have dependents, opportunity of economic support system from outside football, added responsibility of the players in their homes and/or families, nature of the league – professional, semi-professional or amateur and the risk exposure to economic survival and livelihood.

“FAM will continue to explore ways and means of how the relief support can be distributed to other football sectors. Depending on availability of funds, FAM will not hesitate to reach out and render a helping hand to those that are in dire strains,” said Nyamilandu.

Speaking on behalf of Rab processors limited, who also sponsor the Thumbs up southern region football association league, Chief Executive officer Ahmed Sunka said they thought it wise to be of help to the players who rely mostly on football for a living.

“Our contribution to this programme comes at a time when football players in the country are off the pitch as one measure of preventing the covid-19 pandemic that has held the world hostage from spreading further.

“This means that most of these players have no source of income as this is their livelihood. This initiative will lessen the plight that most players are going through by ensuring that they are healthy and strong as they train at home while also being able to share with their families,” said Sunka.

The relief food packs to be distributed will include 10kgs cream of maize, 2kgs brown sugar, 500 grams table salt, 200 grams tea, 200 grams soya pieces , 2kgs beans and 2 bars of washing soap.


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