Raising the bar with district football


As one way of identifying football talent in the districts of the country, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) on Thursday unveiled the FAM districts leagues which will be sponsored by the FA to the tune of K60 million.

According to reports, the K60 million has been accumulated from FAM’s shares on gate revenus collected last year. The league will be played in all the 28 districts of the country with each district getting funding between one and two million kwacha depending on the number of teams registered and the size of the district.

Speaking at a press briefing held at Mpira Village in Blantyre, FAM president Walter Nyamilandu Manda said this is one way which can develop the game of football in the country as it will try to reach the rural areas which are sidelined most of the times.
“We have decided to start football leagues in all the districts of the country as one way of identifying talent which is in the rural areas but fail to come into the open as they are sidelined most of the times. With most of the population in the rural areas where they only relied on the members of Parliament or other well wishers to organise tournaments for them we feel people in the districts lacked competition to help them showcase their football skills and progress with their football career,” Nyamilandu said.

According to Nyamilandu, the districts leagues will kick off once they get a directive from health experts and the government which banned gathering of more than 100 people as one way of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.
“We are just waiting for action to kick off in the districts which should be after the coronavirus pandemic otherwise this is one way of raising the bar of football in the country,” Nyamilandu said.

Teams in the districts have only been relying on the Presidential initiative on the sports cup as their only source of competition and chance to showcase their talent.


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