Ray C’s suicide notice


Legendary Afro pop and bongo flavor music artist Rehema Yusuph Chalamila (Ray C) recently posted on her Instagram story that she feels she wants to kill herself.

The artist took it to her Instagram stories to express her emotions and the hard times she is supposedly going through at the moment.

She wrote in her posts that this year is so far filled with obsessive thoughts and that she is so depressed and feels like ending her life. The posts were followed by the weeping emoji.

This got the attention of many fans and media houses. Although some tried showing support and encouraging her to hold on to life and that the situation would pass, the majority of the viewers criticized the posts by saying it is her way of getting attention.

“People who plan to kill themselves don’t say anything… and tell her that it is the holy month of Ramadan! She should fast to remove that idiocy” a viewer

“These are just attention scandals for a new song… we’re tired of them…” a viewer

Ray C had just recently returned to the music industry after being in a rehabilitation center that hoped to free her from her lifelong drug addiction that took a down turn on her career.


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