Referees, coaches, drilled over new laws for the 2019 Season

TNM Super League
TNM Super League

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) in conjunction with the Referees Committee has organised a Referee and Coaches seminar for teams that play in the TNM Super League to be held on Sunday 7th April.

The Seminar has been organised to drill referees, coaches and team managers on the amended laws of the game with few days to the start of the 2019 TNM Super League season.

The seminar has been set to take place in all the three regions with teams in the Southern region teams and Referees to meet at Chiwembe Technical Centre in Blantyre and to be coordinated by Mr Moffat Champiti. In the central region teams will meet at Simama Hotel in Lilongwe and Mr Neason Lwanja will coordinate the seminar while Mr Zuza Nyondo will coordinate the seminar for teams in the northern region to be held at Mzuzu Stadium.

Super League of Malawi General Secretary Williams Banda said they commend the Football Association of Malawi for organising the seminar.

“We thank FAM for organising the seminar together with Referees Committee and the seminar was in the first place supposed to be for Referees only considering that FIFA amends laws of the game every year and FAM has asked instructors to drill Referees on the amended laws and for that reason coaches and team managers are asked to attend the seminar.

“We also expect fans to understand the changes for the game to avoid violence at stadiums that happen due to supporters not happy with decisions made by Referees”, Banda said.

FIFA has this time amended some of the rules of the game of football with one of the amended rules being a yellow card being shown to a player who has scored a goal and turns out to celebrate in front of the opposite supporters or technical panel.

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