Rich girlfriend helps Ben pol come back to music

Screenshot of picture of RnB musician Benard paul

Bernard Paul (Ben Pol) has made a come back in his music career after a long lasted silence.

Ben pol opened up in an interview that before he premiered the video, his girlfriend friend had to analyze the video to make sure it is the right video for his comeback.

” Ane helped me a lot in this new video. She has a great eye. A creativity and designing eye, she find the vixen for the video, and she dressed her” Ben pol added

“she was there close to the production crew to make sure everything goes just fine, she helped to direct the scenes, she was like the second director”

“There is a song I wrote about her (Anne). It will be appropriate to release in the future, the time of our marriage, not now”

The hit song Wapo is currently on YouTube.

The newshas been shared and spread in Tanzanian gossip pages and websites.

It is a great Comeback for for Ben pol.


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