Rights of the people with disabilities to be protected


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Lions Club District 412B has said more needs to be done in order to protect the rights of persons with disabilities in the country.

Lions Club District 412B Organising Chairperson, Stewart Munthali said this Monday in Lilongwe when members were welcoming a Brazilian Lions Club member, Jose Castro who is walking on foot from South Africa to Egypt in a quest to fight for the rights of the disabled.

“People with disabilities have been neglected for a long time and they face challenges in workplaces, schools and even in homes and his journey tells us that there is more that is to be done,” he said.

Munthali said one of the prime things that the disabled face was lack of accessibility to different social services an most of the times these things are being overlooked in our societies yet they affecting our friends.

He added that Lion Jose Castro’s walk to raise awareness about the disabled in terms of accessibility has opened their eyes.

“We will join him in our own step to help address these challenges that the disabled people face in the country,” the Chairperson said.

In an interview, Lion Castor said he wants people to understand more about the challenges that people with disabilities are facing because it was only through understanding, that their challenges can be fully addressed.

He said his journey to walk across Africa while moving a wheelchair was first inspired during his first journey in 2008 from Paris to South Africa.

“When I reached Spain I saw a girl on a wheelchair who was failing to go up a lamp which had a two-centimetre gap.

“This is what drives me to embark on this journey because I thought of poor countries like Brazil, Africa, Asian countries so that I can spread the message of accessibility,” he said.

He said he knew that this was not the only thing that was inaccessible for the disabled but there are a lot of things that are out of reach for the disabled but accessible to others.

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