Russia’s President Vladimir Putin thanks his citizens for voting in his favour


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has today July 3 thanked his citizens for voting in favour of his long term leadership in the process to amend the constitution.

The citizens in that country voted for a referendum towards amendment of the country’s constitution that gives Putin a chance to remain in office until 2036.

President Putin addressed the nation through televisions soon after the country’s Elections Commission announced that the amendment had been passed by more than 78 per cent of the votes that required extension of the President in office.

During the speech, President Putin stressed that the changes were necessary since they strengthen Russia’s political system, social services as well as adding power to the freedom of that country.

The already attained constitutional changes will set afresh the end of Putin’s term that was supposed to end in 2024 according to the previous constitution.

Russia has confirmed more than 600,000 cases. The country has as well registered more than 800 deaths.


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