SA court rules lockdown restrictions invalid


A South African court has revealed that some Covid-19 lockdown restrictions imposed by the government are irrational.

Rules such as informal workers, amount of exercise and rules on funerals have been found unconstitutional whereby the court gave the government 14 days to withdraw the regulations.

The case was filed in the high court by the Liberty Fighters Network and the Hola Bona Renaissance Foundation.

Speaking during the case, Judge Norman Davis was quoted by News24 saying that restricting the right to freedom of movement in order to limit contact with others to curtail the risks of spreading the virus is rational.

“But, to restrict the hours of exercise to arbitrarily determined time periods is completely irrational,” he added.

As a response to the court’s decisions, the government said it will review the regulations but in the meantime, the restrictions still apply. The country resumed sale of alcohol but for home consumption, and cigarettes are still restricted.

The nation has 35,812 confirmed cases; 17, 291 recoveries and 755 deaths.


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