Said Khamis Jr Speaks about his football career and the premier league


The Mbao FC striker started his football journey in 1999 at TSC soccer academy in Mwanza, then moved to Mbao FC where he resides till date. He has completed two seasons with Mbao FC.

About this season of Simba 2018/2019.
“First of all I would like to thank God, we finished safely… in my side, our team started well the season but the league was challenging  and we lost our winning form… we started fighting away from delegation… this is a lesson to us that even if you start the season well, the end is everything in the league,”

What else did you learn from the other teams?

“I have learned that all teams were well prepared to fight, that’s why up to the final fixtures almost ten teams were in the danger zone… to me, it showed that they were prepared and the league was so competitive from the beginning to the end,”

Anything to say to the Premier League champions Simba SC?

“I don’t have anything than congratulations for being the Champions,”

Said Khamis Jr, has scored more than 10 goals in the league and is among the players who helped Mbao secure their spot in the premier league next season.


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