Saidi Ntibazonkiza “I am not lying about my age”


Yanga Sports Club newly additional striker who joined the club as a free player Said Ntibazonkiza admits that he is 33 years old and he has no intention of hiding or lying about his age for the sake of football.

Soon after being announced as a new striker for Yanga Sports Club, his age became the top discussion on the social media, as the 33 years old is labelled as top old for Premier League.

“I heard they are calling me grandfather, it made me laugh to be honest, unlike other players who don’t disclose their actual age. This age is mine I did not add or reduce because I’ve played in Europe since I was a little boy.

“As I am saying this now, is for the respect of my new club, and press but whoever is saying I am too old or call me a grandfather, I will respond soon through my work and not here,” says Mr Said Ntibazonkiza.

The mocking on social media is due to the fact that Yanga Sports Club fans were mocking other fans about their players who are above 29, but now it is more of a payback mocking on them.