SAUT resurrects the film industry in Tanzania [video]


A few students from the journalism and mass communication class of 2015/2016 and undergraduates from the year 2017/2018 at St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) have released a short film with help from a number of celebrities and public figures in Tanzania in attempt to resurrect the film industry.


The film ‘Unlifted Talent’ that had taken nearly 2 months to make, was first premiered in one of the student halls in the university on 1st May.

“We plan to do much more.. This is just the beginning of it all. We hope to do much more in the film industry with the help from the media…… Media is everything” Sylvester Kikoti, The director and story and script developer in the short film ‘Unlifted Talent’

“We wanted to show the society that there are a number of talents out there, and it’s not exactly easy to reach them…… We face a lot of challenges as youngsters” James Herman, Executive director of the film Unlifted Talent.

The two companies that collaborated to produce ‘Unlifted Talent’ were Diligence Multimedia and Dx Trinity Studios, in association with a number of prominent figures of the country including pop artist Vanessa Mdee, Grace Matata and Wynjones Kinye from Azam TV.

Since then, the short film has received support not only from the lecturers and students from the university but has also captured the attention of many media houses across the country.

“Its a nice initiative. You all did a great job and the narration was on point….” Fredrick Bundala, Founder and Owner of media house Simulizi na Sauti (SnS)

“It is a great film… The production is next level” Sound engineer, Uyuwi FM Tabora.

“It’s a great film, good job” content creator, Simulizi na Sauti (SnS), Dar es Salaam.

“I’m very impressed. This can change the film industry” Presenter, Choice FM, Dar es Salaam.

“I watched it. You guys did great.. Hope to see greater” Programs manager Lake FM Mwanza.


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