Self Help Africa commits to assisting flood victims


Self Help Africa (SHA), an international organisation that works with smallholder farmers to end poverty and hunger in Africa has contributed 30,000 Euros (K25 million) towards the resettlement of 300 flood-affected households in Machinga District.

The contribution is part of the Emergency Response and Recovery Project currently being implemented in collaboration with GOAL-Malawi in traditional authorities Nsanama, Mlomba and Kawinga in the district.

Self Help Africa Resilient Technical Lead, Tchaka Kamanga, said each beneficiary household received food items such as maize flour (40kg), Likuni Phala (2 kg), iodised salt (1 kg), Soya pieces (5 packets), cooking oil (1 litre) and cow peas (3kg).

Each household also received one blanket, one bed net, two plastic buckets and K25, 000 cash to each of the 59 internally displaced persons staying in Joho and Chilala camps.

“The support will help the beneficiaries in coping with the disaster [effects] by helping them to recover and resettle in their original homes.

“Apart from providing them with materials, SHA also conducted awareness on hygiene practices in the camp,” said Kamanga.

Self Help Africa selected Machinga for the support because there were few humanitarian actors in the district despite being one of the hardest with the floods caused Cyclone Idai.

One of the beneficiaries, Fatima Lolesi, 12, from Traditional Authority Nsanama in Machinga   thanked Self Help Africa for the timely help.

“Life in the camp was not easy; there was no privacy as we were sleeping in a tent. The food was not enough and we struggled to have access to clean water. I did not have any clothes.

“But today, I am back home, have food and they have also given us money to repair the damages to our house,” said Lolesi smiling.

“As you can see, the contribution has made a difference in the lives of people who were displaced.

“We just need to ensure that such efforts are not being duplicated and that the aid benefits real beneficiaries and this can be done through coordination with other stakeholders,” said GOAL Malawi’s Country Director, Phillipa Sackett.

Self Help Africa also helps vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change and cope with flood threats.

The organisation (SHA) has been responding to disasters that have occurred in Malawi. In 2016/2017 when there was El Nino in Karonga, the organisation assisted farming families with farm inputs like cassava cuttings and Orange flesh sweet potato vines.

SHA is currently working in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo and Eritrea.

GOAL is an international humanitarian agency which works to alleviate poverty and suffering amongst the poorest of the poor.

It ensures that the poorest and the most vulnerable in the world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to fundamental needs and rights of life such as food, water, shelter, medical attention and primary education.

Tropical Cyclone Idai hit central part of Mozambique, causing flooding in southern part of Malawi and Zimbabwe. The heavy rains affected 29,301 households in Machinga where some houses were completely damaged while others were partially damaged.


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